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Since the roles played by language are many, the demands emerging from it are too.
At Linguapura, we not only understand this but also provide language training solutions to meet these demands.

We provide language trainings at corporate as well as classroom level and ensure that wherever and whenever they are conducted, they are tailored according to our clients’ needs.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, excellent customer service, reliability and unbeatable turnaround times.

Corporate Training

  • Industry-specific: When teaching a language at the corporate level, it is necessary to look beyond the simple grammar and vocabulary practised by the crowd and take stock of industry-specific jargon that will prove to be more functional, helpful and precise when dealing with professionals from the same domain. ( Should also talk about intensive timelines)
  • Business communication: Along with understanding how a particular language functions and must be spoken, it is essential to understand how it must be used in professional situations so as to make use of it as a crucial element in conducting business related communication, written or spoken.
  • Importance to cultural nuances:  When doing business with an international clientele, it is vital to embrace and understand the culture they come from – an aspect that language helps understand. At Linguapura, we recognize this need and include cross-cultural training as well in our corporate trainings thereby providing a brief glance at what is acceptable, expected and right in the client’s culture and enabling you to form a healthy and professional relationship with your client.

Classroom Training

  • Translation Courses: Translation is a skill that requires more than just the knowledge of a language; a complete understanding of the way a language functions is required. The meaning of an isolated word is far different from when it is put to use in a sentence, and these subtle differences become all the more discreet when a human voice is applied to it. Training and experience prove to be the only ways to recognize these slights and work on them to provide a translation that communicates with utmost clarity. Linguapura has some of the most experienced trainers who teach, not the language, but its various overtones. Our courses are designed to enable language students to succeed at translating.
  • Exam-centric Courses: For enthusiasts wanting to learn languages (check our list of languages provided here) we provide trainings that prepare you for international certification exams. Whichever the level, we have a language trainer who can prepare you for it through learner-oriented methods and teaching styles that help you grasp the structuring of the language. We focus on strengthening vocabulary, comprehension of sentence structuring, listening abilities and the whole platter of skills that will assure not just a good score in the exam, but also a clear understanding of the language.

Why Choose Linguapura

  • Highly qualified trainers: We are associated with some of the most qualified, experienced and professional experts who have a passion for language and an approach that is result-driven.They not only want to share their love for language but also want whoever they teach to be fluent speakers, good writers and entirely comprehensive of the language at hand.
  • Learner oriented teaching: Every language learner has a different linguistic or grammatical demand and nobody understands this better than our trainers. We listen first, understand, and then answer, tailoring the learning process in a way that it meets everyone’s demands and yet befits each individual learner’s.
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