LTTS have been an active Organisation for Linguapura team since past 3 years for JP-EN & EN-JP Automotive Technical
Translations. I commend the team for excellent on-the-spot customer service & continuous support provided to L&T Technology Services, Chennai. Our end customer (Japanese Tier-1) have greatly appreciated the Translation Quality & meeting the delivery expectations. Working with them has been ideal, as the project management is handled with great care and attention to all the details.

Sasikumar Jayachandran
Program Manager-Transportation,, L&T TECHNOLOGY SERVICES LIMITED

I have been using Linguapura’s services regularly and very often and their quality of work is really good. The style and accuracy with which they translated my various documents was exactly what I expected it to be. Also we are using Linguapura’s services for interpretations, in which they are really excellent, the communication between our client and us happens very smooth and trustworthy. I am really impressed with their team who worked closely with me to translate our vision into reality.

DG Patil
Manager, Manasi Technoforge Pvt Ltd.

Throughout the years, Linguapura has consistently delivered quality translations often under difficult timeframes. We have had large translation projects which covered a wide range of mission critical technical documents. Their focus on process and commitment to quality is apparent at every stage of the project. They are a reliable provider of translation and localization services and one that I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a solid partner.

Sudheer Rao
Senior Engagement Manager, KPIT Technologies, Japan

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