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People use Linguapura’s translation services because they know we’ll get it right. We’ll listen, we’ll learn, and we’ll carefully control the translation process to make sure their company is expressing itself appropriately – whatever the language.

Linguapura delivers confidence – in anyone’s language -. Our translation service is used by international companies and renowned translation agencies.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, excellent customer service, reliability and unbeatable turnaround times.

We employ translators, editors and proofreaders who are native speakers of the target language and who are qualified within specific areas of specialization, which allows us to pick the most appropriate translator for each project

Why Choose Lingua Pura

The cornerstone of our philosophy here at Linguapura, is that first and foremost, we are here to help you. Our means of achieving this rests upon two pillars; our extensive experience in the field of language translation and our exemplary standards of customer service.

Our years of experience within the translation services industry has yielded an unrivalled level of expertise within all areas of our field; from creative copy-writing in foreign languages to legal translation and from the translation of technical manuals to complex terminology laden documents for the financial services sector.

  • The Linguapura guarantee of quality – we will work closely to your instructions on the given project to guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Flexibility – we systematically ‘harvest’ your expectations of the translations we will do for you and adapt our extensive resources to meet your requirements.
  • Professionalism – you can rely on our serious, considered approach.

Types of Translations

The term ‘engineering’ covers many disparate and wide-ranging disciplines, from electrical engineering and automotive to aerospace and construction. Each of these fields has its own vocabulary and writing style and presents its own individual challenges to translators. We understand that the slightest error can result in difference in understanding.

At Linguapura, we employ leading engineering and technical translators in the world, people with both engineering/technical and translation qualifications who could also work on engineering drawings with an intimate understanding of what they are translating.

Legal and Patent translations pose unique challenges, often due to the different legal systems in different countries. Therefore, a good legal translator must have a sound knowledge of the legal structure in the country of the target text as well as that of the source text. Another vital requirement is not simply knowledge of the terminology used in each language but choosing the appropriate terminology in each case.

That is why we use translators who specialize in legal documents, have legal backgrounds and understand the importance of what they are translating.

Marketing & PR translation and adaptation is a complex, yet often underestimated field. While it consists of translating from one language to another, it also involves writing appealing and persuasive content that has an impact on the local audience.
We at Linguapura believe that, unlike general or technical translation, marketing translators need to be good writers first and foremost. It is no coincidence that the translation of sales, marketing and advertising materials is often referred to as adaptation. That is why the aim of our translators is to create powerful content that promotes a brand and truly engages the customer. Our team studies our customer’s brands and goals in order to create multilingual contents that have the same impact as the original Marketing and PR materials.

Certified translation services are required if you are submitting foreign-language documents to a court of law or regulatory agency. Official documents like birth certificates, bank documents, and college transcripts also require certification.

At Linguapura we provide certified translation services for legal and official documents that must be submitted to courtrooms, government offices or regulatory bodies.

Language Specialization

Translation has always been at the heart of communication between people who speak different languages. From Indian to African, we help clients overcome language barriers and expand their businesses globally. We specialize in the following languages.

  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • All Indian languages

For a comprehensive list of all languages that we deal in, please refer to the languages page.

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